Tornado TL-1000 Flush Trimless Light Profile

Model: TL-1000 - In Stock

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Indirect continuous section profile lighting which gives a much softer diffused light distribution than standard LED direct lighting. This lighting system allows the lighting designer the freedom to specify unbroken runs of light along walls and ceilings. This gives great freedom of design by allowing the designer to specify the exact length of run and also allows transitioning from ceilings to walls without any break in the light profile. Individual trimless luminaires of specific length can be designed and specified. The desired shapes are achieved by cutting, joining and mitring the stock lengths to required size. Optional left and right plaster end caps are available for crisp end termination. The light source is LED strip which can be cut, joined and bent to the exact shape and length. A small LED driver will need to be housed external to the plaster profiles.

How to specify a Tornado light profile system

1. Design your layout. Light profiles can be positioned horizontally, vertically or diagonally. They can be joined together end to end, mitred to meet at right angles or terminated with end caps.  If you wish to design runs with smooth radiused 90 degree corners, you can also use out corner joiners instead of mitring.

2. Work out the total profile length you require, remembering to account for any excess required if mitring corners. Profiles are supplied in 1m continuous strips, which can be cut or joined as required.

3. If your design does not feature continuous connections from one profile to another (e.g. when configuring profiles as a joined up rectangle), select a pair of end caps to terminate each profile section.

4. There are a multitude of LED strips available on the market to choose from, many of which will work with our profiles, however as an option, we also offer basic warm white and cool white 12w/m strips. If you are sourcing your own LED strips, please select “not required”, or alternatively choose between warm and cool colour temperature and input your required length.

5. If you have chosen to use our LED strips, you will need to power them with a driver. Our drivers provide enough power for up to 5 metres of LED strip per driver unit. Please note, if you are sourcing your own LED strip, we recommend you also source your own drivers, as there can be often compatibility issues.

6. Once you have configured you package, simply click “add to cart”.