Mini-2 Plaster Wall Light with Pencil Beam Downlight & Uplight

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Model: Mini-2 - In Stock
 Hand Crafted in England since 1985

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Height: 130mm
Width: 95mm
Depth: 105mm
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A compact plaster luminaire combining a wide angle uplight with a narrow optically controlled pencil beam. The effect is a tight, clean edged, intense beam of light which flows along the length of the wall, coupled with soft diffuse illumination from the top of the light. This fitting is suitable for bathrooms, thanks to it's IP54 rating.

Our range of linear plaster wall lights was conceived to suit contemporary interiors. By using clean lines and simple rectangular forms, the designs mirror the shapes and aspect ratios of the walls they are situated on. This leads to a wholly integrated look and a coherent final design. Keeping these light fittings free of superfluous design detail, we have produced a range of minimalist lighting that sits quietly in the background without drawing attention to the luminaires themselves. Each plaster shell provides a pure, brilliant white colour, with a soft matte finish. This level of minimalism and pureness in the finish is unparalleled in any other material and is not attainable through inferior alternatives such as ceramics. Some architects and designers who specify our lights also opt for the lights to be painted, in order to match or colour co-ordinate with existing wall paint. Our lights can optionally be painted with standard emulsion paint, but require a PVA & water undercoat beforehand (see website for details).

This fitting is hand crafted using a modern plaster composite material, designed to be more durable and tolerant to changes in heat and moisture content, whilst simultaneously providing a superior finish. After the plaster is poured and cured in rubber moulds, each fitting is then painstakingly hand finished to our exacting standards. Each exterior surface is left perfectly smooth, with all edges clean and crisp.

Light source: LED (lamp included - output: 1518 lm, dimmable via varilight v-pro led)

Tornado has been manufacturing hand-crafted luminaires since 1985 and we are able to provide replacements for every design we have every released. We are committed to promoting high-tech and energy efficient light sources, as well as sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes.