Tornado’s manufacture is developed in tandem with the latest lighting technology. Flexible in-house production ensures market advances are combined with clean classic designs, making our specifications compatible with the broadest commercial applications.

Call us for your local distributor or call us to place an order directly. Tornado is SW London based, so is conveniently located to service the numerous London architectural firms.

We make our products in-house so you are not left waiting for delayed orders. This means the turnaround is typically same day or within a few days. The components we use are commonly interchangeable and light sources can easily be changed, if you change your mind. We also archive all our old designs so in future we will be able to offer replacements or additions for existing installations.

Tornado has also adopted a responsible view to the size of range offered - if the range is too large it brings its own problems as supply time gets stretched and customers are disappointed with lead times.  We make a conscious effort to consider the needs of the lighting designer with that of supplying well designed plaster lights with proper performing light sources. Most of our luminaires are designed with 'form and function' in mind, so we design the light fitting around the shape of the light source configuration. Consideration is also given to the sourcing and performance of the light source and its components. We only use good quality components from branded European manufacturers such as Osram, Helvar, Tridonic and Vossloh - Schwabe.  We do not jump on bandwagons such as LED. We wait for the new technology to mature so they when it is supplied it performs reliably. This is beneficial to all involved - from the Architect to the contractor and ultimately the end user. The latest technology is no good unless it has a proven track record of reliability.