For GLS & Halogen Light Sources

All of our GLS and tungsten halogen lights are all dimmable using a normal household dimmer.  

For GU10 LED
Please ensure the LED lamps you choose are suitable for dimming if required.  The manufacturer of the LED lamp should list dimmer compatibility.
We recommend the Osram Parathom lamp and Varilight V-Pro series dimmers.

For Compact Fluorescent

Compact fluorescent fittings however require a more complex system.  We are able to provide dimmable options for most compact florescent fittings, however due to space constraints we are not able to offer this on all models.

Compact fluorescent dimming can commonly be configured in 2 ways; Digital dimming and analogue dimming.  Each of these methods requires a different set of components, so it is important to specify whether it is a digital or an analogue system you plan to use, before placing an order.

Digital dimming

This method uses a mains voltage maintained live, neutral and earth, as well as a mains voltage switched live, which is used to control the dimming level.  A standard push to make switch is used, which allows the light(s) to switch on and off with a quick press of the switch, or progressive dimming/brightening when the switch is held down.  We use Tridonic switchDIM ballasts.

Analogue Dimming

Analogue dimming uses a mains voltage maintained live, neutral and earth.  It requires two signal wires between the ballast and the dimming controller.  The ballast uses one signal wire to send a 10 volt output to the controller. The controller then sends back a signal of between 0 and 10 volts, (depending on the users dimming selection) this signal is then converted by the ballast into an appropriate light output.