Plaster flush lights are a superior alternative to metal flush lights.  They have several advantages:

1. Plaster is less susceptible to thermal expansion, when heated by the light source.  Metal lights often lead to hairline cracking around the interface with the ceiling as a result of expansion and contraction over time.

2. Plaster allows continuity of material between light and ceiling.  The two materials are compatible and enhance the seamless integration.

3. It is possible to manufactures plaster lights with a wider range of sculptural shapes.  Metal lights are generally limited to simplistic linear bends, and cannot be shaped in the same way as moulded plaster.  Our lights feature smooth, conical apertures which simply cannot be manufactured from sheet metal.

4. Plaster can be painted with a superior finish.
Plaster can take paint finish with ordinary emulsion and a simple PVA solution.  Metal lights require specialist paint and primers to get a satisfactory finish.