Fast supply from a UK based specialist manufacturer.

Proper fully developed low energy light sources - high power compact fluorescent, high power LED.

Integral emergency lighting with super compact emergency  lighting modules.

Vested interest in the long term benefits to our customers by being a specialist manufacturer - we will not drop models and replacement parts if sales do not meet expectations or drop off. Many resellers of Chinese plaster lighting will abandon products after a few years as they are general vendors with no agenda other than selling whatever sells at that period,  thereby leaving customers high and dry when replacements are needed.

The majority of our manufacturing is carried out 'in house' so that reliability of supply is ensured as we are not dependant on long supply lines or the vagaries of other sub-contractors.

The benefits this offers are often overlooked. For example, Tornado Lighting can supply replacement plaster light shells for all the plaster lighting models produce since 1985. This ensures that in the case of accidental damage a single plaster light shell can be replaced with exactly the same fitting many years after its original supply date.

This is a most important feature for lighting specifiers to embrace as it allows accidental damage to old fittings to be rectified by allowing re-manufacture of replacements for light fittings from old ranges. Otherwise when damaged occurs it may lead to whole new installations being required at great cost.